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SCRAM House Arrest

�Instantaneous alerts and summary reports of movement while the offender is in residence

�Both scheduled and random verification

�Multiple anti-tamper systems, cut-strap detection, and waterproof design

�Base station has digital LCD display for easy install and offender communication

�One-year field replaceable battery

�Fully integrates with all SCRAM Systems technologies on the SCRAMnet software platform

Introducing the next generation of our SCRAM GPS technology. We�ve combined superior location accuracy, an industry-leading strap design, the industry�s best battery life, and user-friendly software tools that help officers quickly identify and address issues in their caseload.

�A fully integrated part of the SCRAM Systems suite of alcohol and location monitoring solutions, consolidated on a single platform

�Utilizes the 3G cellular network

�SCRAM GPS Analytics� and Google Street View mapping simplify tracking and put your clients� movements in context

�Revolutionary tamper technology substantially reduces false alerts and provides nearly instant notifications

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring + House Arrest
While blood and breath tests only measure sobriety at a specific point in time, SCRAMx samples the offender�s sweat every half hour. This gives complete 24/7 coverage, rather than just a snapshot look at when offenders are on their best behavior.
Enforceable Offender Accountability
Since SCRAMx gives complete, around-the-clock data on whether or not offenders are consuming alcohol, they can�t drink around testing schedules or lie about their actions. In fact, with SCRAMx the offender cannot consume alcohol or tamper with the device without causing an alert. It�s all there in black and white � and offenders know that you know what they�re doing every hour of the day. And now with house arrest functionality, offenders can be monitored for compliance with court-mandated curfew schedules, which also increases their accountability to the judge�s orders.

MedTox Sure-Screen
SURE-SCREEN� is a cutting edge diagnostic device utilizing lowered drug cut-off levels that we believe gets criminal justice agencies closer to the mandate of "no drug use" and supports efforts at early intervention.

The SURE-SCREEN� on-site screening device offers state-of-the-art cup design to eliminate staff exposure to urine. The test results appear quickly, are easy to read and remain stable. Instructions For Use

BluTag (U.S. Patent RE 39,909 and RE 38,838) is the original one-piece GPS monitoring device that houses its receiver and transmitter in a single unit.

BluTag can monitor the movements of enrollees in active, passive and hybrid GPS modes. The difference between each mode is (a) how quickly the device transmits monitoring data to VeriTracks, our Internet-based monitoring application, and (b) how it transmits monitoring data to VeriTracks.

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