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Accepting violent and non-violent offenders!

ASAP is  bringing new options to the legal communities in Maryland and surrounding states. Since 1994, ASAP has given judges, attorneys, probation officers, and offenders an alternative to incarceration with the use of home monitoring equipment. Now, in addition to home monitoring, the company is offering alcohol/drug monitoring, GPS equipment, and in office urinalysis as well. ASAP now offers the court system the most comprehensive and latest technology for monitoring offenders.


In 1994, Advantage Sentencing Alternative Program, Inc. was founded and based in Baltimore County, and today, is headquartered in Towson. ASAP monitors offenders living primarily in Maryland and surrounding states, however, they have the capabilities to monitor offenders nationwide. Currently, ASAP is also successfully monitoring a few offenders in West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and California.

Company is offering both SCRAM Alcohol and GPS Monitoring

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