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ASAP's Company's History, Ethics and Long Term Goals

ASAP, Inc.'s Program Director is Danielle Winchester, who oversees all monitoring services.


ASAP, Inc. is licensed by the State of Maryland, and regulated by the Department of Public Safety and the Maryland Commission in Correctional Standards. Additionally, we are fully insured and bonded.

ASAP, Inc. considers reliable services as our strongest asset, We are confident in both our personnel and our selection of

monitoring equipment. 


ASAP, Inc. fully researched, and selected only the most reliable state-of-the-art technology in our choice of monitoring equipment. We have taken into consideration the vital importance of public safety, judiciary confidence, and cost-effectiveness.


ASAP, Inc. provides all necessary equipment, and guarantees the integrity of its state-of-the-art technology. The financial responsibility of home detention monitoring is assumed solely by the offender; not by the county, state, or taxpayer to say unless qualified for the state funding. Our sliding scale monitoring fee makes home detention affordable regardless of one's income.

ASAP, Inc. will accept into our program any offender that the courts deem acceptable. The defendant in pre-trial status is a perfect candidate for home detention monitoring as detailed logs of the clients whereabouts can and will be used.


ASAP, Inc. meets with all clients on a bi-weekly basis to collect all verification and information pertaining to outings. This ensures complete compliance with the programs rules and regulations. Maryland State Law requires that a private home detention company meet with clients only once each month.

ASAP, Inc. recognizes the need for a fully competent alternative to incarceration, and stands ready to accept the challenges facing the home monitoring industry today.

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